DATE ISSUED: 1 June  2022


Hromadahub  believes that recruitment  qualified personnel to fill positions in the different departments contributes to the Hromadahub 's overall success. Each employee is therefore hired with the objective of making a significant contribution to Hromadahub .


The recruitment  policy has been established to ensure Hromadahub  has the opportunity to attract the best available staff for all vacant positions.


This recruitment  policy applies to all employees, volunteers and interns of Hromadahub  who are involved in the recruitment  process.


It shall be the responsibility of the Human Resources (HR) department to implement this policy and to monitor its performance.It is the responsibility of Managers and Supervisors to ensure that:They are familiar with the recruitment policies and procedures, and that they follow them accordingly;Staffing levels for their department are determined and authorised;All roles have current position descriptions that specify role requirements and selection criteria. It is the responsibility of the HR department to ensure that:All Managers are aware of their responsibilities in the recruitment and selection process;Managers are given continuous support and guidance in regard to recruitment and selection issues.


In recruitment  the most qualified candidates for positions, the following process should be followed.

Staff request

When a position (newly created or replacement, continuing or term position) needs to be filled or extended, a staff request form must be completed and authorized. Requests must be submitted by the supervisor and forwarded to the HR department:Position title; Hours/shift teams of the position;The exempt or non-exempt status of the position;Reason for the opening;Duties and essential qualifications of the position (or a current position description may be attached); Any special instructions relating to advertising on recruitment.

Job description

A job description describes the areas of responsibility and accountability within a department. When a position is vacant, it is appropriate to review and, if necessary, update the job description and task description to ensure that it is up to date. Professional qualifications should also be reviewed. The HR department can assist in updating work descriptions. New or modified positions will be evaluated by the HR department in order to determine a salary range corresponding to the underlying responsibilities.


HR will arrange a meeting with the Board before posting a job offer. The objective of this meeting is to learn more about the position, requirements and profile of the ideal candidate. The recruitment strategy will be defined during this meeting and expectations will be established with all stakeholders.

Job postings

Once the position is approved and the job description is finalized (if applicable), the HR department will prepare the job posting. HR will create job postings that briefly describe the job opening and communicate Hromadahub ’s brand. The job posting will be prepared based on the job description and any special requirements detailed on the staff request. It may also include preferred qualifications that may enhance performance in the position. These would be considered in the event that two candidates are considered relatively equal. All job openings will be posted concurrently on Hromadahub ’s intranet and externally with sources appropriate for the position being filled. Jobs will remain posted until the position is filled. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for positions. As the Hromadahub  strives to be an equal opportunity employer, all employment postings will encourage applications from persons with disabilities and women. Applicants who self-identify in their cover letter will be given special consideration.The HR department will be responsible for tracking all applicants and retaining applications and resumes as required.

Internal applicants

Recruitment  manager can post a job opening internally before starting to recruit external candidates. If they decide to post internally, they can: Current employees with a satisfactory employment status may apply for internal job openings. The consents of the employee’s manager and the HR department may be necessary for employees with less than one year of service with Hromadahub . All applicants for a posted vacancy will be considered based on their qualifications and ability to perform the job successfully. Internal candidates who are not selected will be notified by the HR department.


The HR department will receive all applications. Following the closing date, the HR department will make the applications available to the selection committee.

Interview process

The HR department and the manager of the future employee will screen applications and resumes before scheduling interviews. Initial interviews will generally be conducted by the HR department using behaviour-based interview questions and a structured interview process. The second interview will be conducted by the HR department and the recruitment  manager with the goal of determining that the candidate is sincerely  committed to the values and goals of Hromadahub .Candidate evaluation forms will be completed after each interview and kept with the application. The HR department will notify candidates who are not selected for positions at Hromadahub .Also, we encourage recruitment  managers to send interview feedback to candidates. They should first though check with HR to make sure they won’t invite legal action. Being brief, respectful and keeping feedback job-related are the general rules for writing feedback emails to candidates.

Reference checks

HR will conduct professional reference checks and employment verification of the best candidates based on the results of the candidate employment verification forms completed by the interviewers. A minimum of two professional references is required from each candidate.

Selection committee

The purpose of the selection committee is to make a recruitment  recommendation to the recruitment  manager. Discussions within the selection committee and information obtained from data verification and reference checks are strictly confidential and there will be no disclosure of such information outside the selection committee or the HR department.

Job offers

Once a decision has been made to hire a candidate, an offer will be made subject to satisfactory completion of background checks and testing. Background checks will vary by position and may include criminal history, credit history, driving record, drug tests or any other information relevant to the position.
Internal candidates must complete the required background checks or examinations that have not yet been completed.
Once the HR department has obtained satisfactory results from all required background checks and tests, candidates will receive a final job offer. If a candidate does not accept a job offer within 7 calendar days, the offer may be cancelled by the Hromadahub .


When a formal offer has to be revoked, the recruitment  manager and human resources department should draft and sign an official document. This document should include a legitimate reason for revoking the offer. Legitimate reasons include: Candidate is proved to not be legally allowed to work for our Hromadahub  at a specific location;Candidate has falsified references or otherwise lied about a serious issue;Candidate doesn’t accept the offer within the specified deadline (deadline must have been included in the offer letter);recruitment  managers and HR must notify the candidate formally as soon as possible.