Map of shipments of humanitarian aid


The platform provides a needs assessment mechanism of the Ukrainian communities (hromadas) in humanitarian aid. On the donor side it is intended to give full information on the situation with humanitarian aid in the region, district, community so that donors could coordinate their humanitarian efforts in providing aid.

Now all the shipments are registered and can be accessed through this link

Mapped shipments of humanitarian assistance

Every registered donor of humanitarian aid will have its electronic cabinet/account on the platform. All the shipments of humanitarian aid to communities made by a donor are mapped on the common map. The information is aggregated according to the number of the shipments, type of aid, specific community, or district, or region, etc. Then the information may be used in planning humanitarian efforts and coordinating donors in providing aid to certain territory.

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Shipments by HUR since Mar. 2022, view aggregated by region.

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HUR shipments, detailed view by communities

Distribution map can be accessed through this link.

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