Needs assessment

for assessing needs of Ukrainian communities in humanitarian assistance

Every Ukrainian community (1469), especially those on the frontline and most affected (358) has its electronic cabinet on the platform. All the information on the community: population and its structure, number of IDPs, area, infrastructure, and degree of destruction, is collected in the cabinet and used to assess the needs. An authorized representative of the community registers the needs of the community in hygiene, medicine, clothes, and food and regularly updates this information. Every user on the community side (person appointed by the head of the community/medical facility; volunteer initiative approved by the head of the community/medical facility) is going through the vetting process and is regularly checked by the administrators of the system.

map infoinfo description

Detailed view of the needs of the community. Left – aggregated view on the region; right – detailed view of the request in medical aid of the community.

The information on the needs of the community entered by these representatives after verification is mapped on the common map so that potential donors may see in aggregated or detailed view the needs of a community, district, or region in these 4 categories of humanitarian assistance.

info description

Needs of the communities mapped in the aggregated view. Communities occupied, blocked or with active fighting are marked with light red.

Seeing “the whole picture” of needs of the communities in various types of humanitarian aid will allow them to plan humanitarian activity and “book” certain administrative regions for delivering certain types of humanitarian assistance. These “booked” territories will appear on the common map so that other donors can plan their activity accordingly.

Now all the registered requests may be accessed through this link:

Needs assessment map can be accessed through this link.

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