Help Ukraine Romania Humanitarian hub was founded in the first days of the aggression. Its vicinity to the EU border turned it into a biggest humanitarian hub on the Ukraine-Romania border. The hub operated two logistics centers: one in Siret, Romania and the other in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

As EU transport could not enter the territory of Ukraine in the first months of the war, the volunteers organized transit of humanitarian and medical cargos from all over the world from Siret further to Chernivtsi and then across the Ukrainian communities most affected by the war. Later on, as the transport from EU could enter Ukraine the hub concentrated its activity in Ukraine. For the entire period of operation of the logistics center in Siret, more than 5 000 tons of humanitarian cargoes were transited.

The logistics center in Chernivtsi distributed humanitarian and medical aid across the whole territory of Ukraine, mainly to the communities with the active fighting. The cargoes were shipped to 118 communities with the total population of more than 15 million. The priority is given to the communities with active fighting, blocked, devastated and with considerable number of IDPs. More than 1000 tons of assistance was distributed in March alone.
In total for the period of Feb. 2022-Jan 2023 the hub distributed 2312 tons of humanitarian and medical cargoes across 118 communities in all regions of Ukraine except the Crimea. More than 200 medical facilities in 75 communities from all over Ukraine received the aid from the hub. 77% of weight of all deliveries are food, 14% - medicine and medical equipment, 5% - clothes and 4% are hygiene products.

The hub was one of the first organizations that delivered humanitarian cargoes in the de occupied Kherson. Though volunteers of the hub are still delivering medical and humanitarian assistance to the occupied district Oleshky of the Kherson region. By now the hub is partnering with many international humanitarian organizations, Save the Children, Direct Relief, Americares, Action Contre La Faim, Medicos del Mundo are among them. We are also partnering with Nova Poshta, the biggest logistics organization in Ukraine.